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Cheery Craft!

(From what I read on the userinfo page, this should be okay. If it isn't, you can delete it though, and I apologize! I just figured care packages and nice gift-wrapping went hand-in-hand)

I've just made a new LiveJournal community dedicated to crafting for those in need. It's a personal swap/swap angel sort of thing! You can read all about it here: http://cheerycraft.livejournal.com/profile

Basically, if you have a friend or family member who you know needs a good up-lifting, you can post about them on Cheery Craft and wait for a response. The response will be several packages at the doorstep of that friend or family member, who is now incredibly bouncy on account of the caring and encouragement that was knitted, crocheted, sewn, pressed, pasted, painted, or printed into every card or package (or at least, this is the idea).

If you have a depressed daughter or a hurting friend, they can all do with a little cheery crafting, don't you think?

I'm really hoping this community kicks off and is a bit hit someday. Please, if you're interested, join! While this isn't a community to receive tangible gifts, the gift of giving is so satisfying.

But I have planned in the future for there to be "The Cheeriest of a Month." This person will receive some sort of prize or package or crafted love from me. Or maybe I can compile a sort of donation, or just buy something myself, such as is done with Craftster Challenges.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me know!

Thanks for your time!

http://theaveragedream.livejournal.com (this is my brand new journal, so it's not really interesting yet)

EDIT: As you may see, I am in desperate need of promoting banners! I would love anything tangible (like business cards!) that I can send along with swaps I'm doing. Graphic banners are good too, for LiveJournal promotion, as well as on my site and anyone else who is interested in promoting. I would greatly appreciate LiveJournal avatars (anything to go with the theme) and even eye-pleasing banners for the profile page, since all I have now is colourful text. All you Photoshop-savvy people, I need you!

Coffee-Mouse Pack

Hi everyone,
I decorate mice for PC and laptops, and have designed a pack for them:

12.94 Kb

More here...

Dec. 9th, 2006

Okay, so I have bought some gifts for my friends but I want some unique ways to wrap them...not just a plain old christmas wrapping paper or gift bag etc. So, I need a way to wrap:

1.) I bought my one friend  various pieces of jewlery and accessories. 
2.) A cellphone charm + stationery
3.) A pillow
4.) A box with clothing inside. ANY ideas so I am not forced to use plain old wrapping paper? 
5.) Lots of Candy

Even pictures of what you have wrapped is good!

Nov. 4th, 2006

I need some creative ideas for wrapping a poster that has been mounted (or framed - I haven't decided what I want to do with it yet) Maximum size, it'll be 14X18. I am very big on recycled and reusable ideas.

This is for a birthday present but her birthday is ridiculously close to Christmas that I usually incorporate the two. I was thinking of knitting her a Harry potter scarf which would in the end be the wrapping paper, but I am time crunched so that's just not going to work. This year the two will probably be seperate.

Any ideas would be very appreciated.

Oct. 23rd, 2006

Hi all,

I've just today found out about the wonderful world of furoshiki
What a fabulous and eco-friendly idea!

Anyway, here's a good link to a few different tutorials

If anyone's got any other tutorials or information about furoshiki, I'd be eternally grateful

Neat and sweet

Messy wrapping takes the edge off the coolest materials and designs - something I should probably bear in mind. So when your wrap is wrinkled, your edges are rough and your flaps are shockingly asymmetrical, who're you gonna call?

Of course, it's Martha to the rescue. Check out her tutorial on the very basicest of wrapping basics - it's all about cutting the ends of your wrapping short.

Liquid sky arts

I love the layers of contrasting patterns. These are from a jewellery designer - what an amazing bonus for her customers! See more on Flickr.

Feather tickled

Welcome to giftwrap! This is a brand new community now welcoming posts from whoever you are, wherever you are, so don't be shy and start posting!

To kick it all off, here's a nice simple masculine wrap I did on the weekend for my love. I'm not a neat wrapper, but I love using contrasting textures (such as feathers and craft paper). This one used a strip of feathers sewn onto a ribbon (I can buy this ready made where I live) which was simply glued under a folded edge of the craft paper. A brown satin ribbon matches the feathers' silkiness, which contrasts with the cheap, rough paper. I hope you like it.

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