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Gift Wrap - gorgeous giftwrap ideas and pictures

Gift Wrap - gorgeous pictures and ideas
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A community for lovers of beautiful and creative giftwrapping. Please post and help us get this community started! By no means do you need to be an expert - we most certainly are not.

Please post the following, in order of preference:

1/ Photos of beautiful gifts you have wrapped yourself
2/ Photos of creatively wrapped gifts done by others
3/ Tips and tutorials on how to create beautiful wrapping (include pictures if possible)
4/ Interesting articles about gift wrapping
5/ Questions about how a certain gift wrap is achieved and requests for help

Your post may be deleted, for which we apologise. This is very unlikely, as we are a new community, and a very friendly one. But if it is deleted, it will usually be for one of the following reasons:

1/ A commercial wrap was used in an uncreative way.
2/ It's a repeat of something already posted in the community.
3/ It's something unoriginal or obvious that we deem uninteresting.
4/ It's advertising.